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Crucial Apex Legends Tips to Defeat the Pros and Seasoned Gamers

Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends was released in February 2019 as a free battle royale game. It immediately became a global sensation and drawn thousands of people towards its awesome graphics and gameplay features. The recent statistics reveal that over 70 million officially logged gamers and more than 20 million additional players enjoying this game. The developers are also planning to introduce its mobile version for smartphone users. It is expected that Apex Legends is going to draw millions of PUBG players and it might also become the leading game in its category.

You may have played several games till the date but Apex Legends is going to be unique and more thrilling. It requires a strategic approach to survive and win this game. If you are thinking that you will land, pick some guns, and kill all the players, then that’s not going to happen in this game. There will be two more players in your squad and each one of them will land to do the same thing “finding and killing the enemies”.

A strategic approach can turn you into a legend. It will be quite difficult for your enemies to spot and kill your protagonist. Therefore, you should learn some crucial Apex Legends tips before play it.

How and where to land?

Just like other battle royale games, all the activities in Apex Legends take place on an island. This island features various amazing places to land and loot the weapons, heals, and other essentials.

The player who packs a legend becomes the jumpmaster and it is his job to land on the designated destination safely. Suppose you are the jumpmaster and you do not want to handle this task, you can hit the prompt button to give someone else this responsibility. You can also let this game auto pick the jumpmaster’s role if you turn on this feature. A person who is packed second will get the job to land on the targeted location.

apex legends Jump Master

You should lead your team only if you are a seasoned player. Do not try it until you play a few games because you might not pick the best destination to land and loot. Other players might have good knowledge about it and therefore they can prevent your legend from falling in front of enemies.

– Avoid hot drops!

Apex Legends hot drop

Almost every Apex Legends strategy guide suggests that you should land away from the center of the map. Think it as a way of avoiding the initial rush and looting calmly. New players aren’t that good in spotting and killing enemies. That’s why they easily get knocked and killed by enemy players.

Seasoned players prefer to land right in the action. They wish to begin the action right after landing on the intended destination. They do so because they have been playing this game for several months. You will also do the same after some time, but it is risky. It takes just one wrong move to get knocked and the chances of mistakes during the hot drop situation are quite high. That’s why you should ask your jumpmaster to land far away from the center position. You

won’t encounter too many enemies in the beginning and get enough loot to survive longer.

– Maintain some distance from your teammates:

Of course, you do not want to get too far from your teammates but that does not mean you all should check the same place together. Always maintain some distance from your squad members. Always split before landing and choose different places to loot. It is a great way of avoiding a quarrel. Thus, you and all your team members will get enough loot to tackle any battle.

– Keep your eyes and ears open after landing:
Your Legend knows how to react when there is an enemy is shooting. It will give some amazing callouts. However, you should be extra active once landed on the island. Look for the hidden enemies wherever you go and whatever you do. Keep your ears open to spot any movement taking around you. That will help you in knowing where your enemies and how you can kill him before he spots you.
– Keep looking for the supply bins:
Apex Legends Supply Bins

The Supply Bins are randomly hidden across King’s Canyon. You should search for supply bins after landing. These are large size white cylinders like crates which contain several useful items, including attachments, weapons, armour, ammunition, and many other things. 

One thing you should not forget that you are not the only player who is looking for these Supply Bins. Every Legend who lands on that island starts looking for these crates. Therefore, you should stay extra active and alert as you find the Supply Bins. Most probably there would be one or more squads looking for these crates and you might encounter them.

Combat strategies:

Each character in this game is called a “Legend”. Know your character before you start playing the game. Every Legend in this game owns a tactical ability and an ultimate ability. You might spot similar enemy characters on the Island. Do not make a mistake of considering them your teammates because thus you will become easy prey. Other combat strategies you should follow are:

– Find an armour and then take a fight:

Apex Legends Armor

Many noobs die quickly in this game because they find a great weapon and run behind their enemies. Do not make that mistake because only noobs do that. First, equip your Legend with armour and other protective gears and then look for the enemies. Avoid engagements until you do not have necessary protective gears. Suppose you cannot find the armour but your teammate is already well-equipped, let him be the leading assaulter.

– Try to escape when surrounded by enemies:

Everyone follows a strategic approach when playing Apex Legends. Your enemies would try to finish your squad as soon as possible when you will take a fight. It might be possible that one or both of your team members may get damaged. The wise decision in this situation will be escaping. Do not try to be a hero by killing all the enemies surrounding your squad. You might lose the battle in such an attempt. You can encounter those enemies later when things are in your favour.

– Do not waste your abilities:

Players often get excited when they are dealing with weaker enemies. Your Legend gets some special abilities which you must preserve for special occasions. Do not waste your abilities on inappropriate occasions, especially the Ultimate. Thus, you will not be able to use vital attach components when you will need them. That’s what happens to many gamers when they start playing Apex Legends.

You should preserve your ultimate abilities so that you can use them during unexpected attach scenarios. Do not hesitate in using those special abilities when dealing with stronger opposition. Apex Legends Reddit strategies reveal that your goal is survival. That would be possible when you kill your foes and loot their essential items to combat with the next enemy.

– Know your weapons:

Some weapons are deadlier than others. You will know that once you start playing this game. Try every weapon offered in this game to know how it works. You will soon make some of them your favourites. Some of these weapons also offer alternate fire option. You can switch to different fire modes in different situations. The Auto Fire mode is perfect to use during close combat situations and single fire option is perfect when you are trying to kill an enemy from a distant location.

– Do not lose hope if your teammate is eliminated:

One or both of your teammates might get eliminated during an intense battle. Do not lose hope because they can rejoin you. You just need to collect their loot and their banners within 90 seconds. Collect their banner from their box and then reach one of many respawn centers located on the map. Now call your teammates and they will rejoin you.

How to get premium items and accessories:

Just like other battle royale games, Apex Legends also offers some exciting accessories and gears to decorate Legends and weapons. You can unlock those accessories, weapon skins, and special moves with Crafting Metals. Use the Apex Packs to unlock new skins. You can open Legend skins, weapon skins, banner frames, Legend finishers, banner stats tickets, Crafting Metals, Killer quips, and many other essentials.

Final thoughts:

Apex Legends is designed to make battle royale more interesting and thrilling for the gamers. People admire this game because of the flawless gameplay they enjoy during the battles. Although many other games are in the competition, the leading streamers and gamers from across the globe praise Apex Legends for its performance on different machines.

Do not feel sad if you do not have a high-tech PC or an expensive video game console. You can play it as effectively as any other player. Just follow Apex Legends tips shared in this post and it will be quite tough for your enemies to knock your Legend down.

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