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Another Eden Review: An Exciting Mobile Chrono Trigger

When it comes to JRPG game from Masato Kato, you can’t help it but get excited. But your expectations are lowered when you get to know that it is a mobile game. As they say, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Another Eden, a free gacha game is finally released and it’s not as bad as you think. This game is developed to give you a truly compelling experience. It takes you back to the best years of SNES JRPGs.

Another Eden has a lot of similarities with Kato’s Chrono trigger. In both the games, you are chosen one who must travel back and forth in time to save the world from the grip of a powerful threat. You can check out Another Eden guide on the net to learn how to play the game like a pro. There are many guides available for the game.

Excellent Graphics

Many of you may assume that the graphics are average. But this is not like your other mobile games. Another Eden will amaze you with its mind-blowing graphics which sets it apart from the rest. The game is designed with 2D sidescrolling approach where you can move the party from one side to another to advance the screen.

Scenery and characters in the game are presented in 2d animation but unlike other games, there execution is great. The developers have designed interesting backgrounds and combined it with an excellent soundtrack. Before you start playing the game, you can go through the list of Another Eden characters to familiarise yourself.

Turn-Based Combat

In the beginning of the game, the combat is turn-based. You get to choose the attacks of the characters before the turn starts. You can also check Another Eden tier list

In your team, you get to have four active members and two others who are in reserve. Characters that are in reserve will regenerate MP and HP at the end of each turn. You can bring them in the battle any time you want.

After carrying on with the gam for few hours, you can unlock another force. This is a gauge that allows you to spam abilities and freeze time for a couple of seconds. 

Overall, the game promotes a fun and exciting combat. The best part of the game is that it is a free JRPG. It may not be among the top JRPG games but it is still, loved by many. You can download the game from Google Play Store.

Gacha Microtransactions

This is one of the least monetized mobile game. It’s a game that comes with gacha elements. For those who do not know what gacha is, the main feature of such games is that they involve random summons. This will help you to unlock new characters in the game. But in Another Eden, you will be given free characters as you start the game. you will unlock more as you proceed ahead in the game.

Now that you about Another Eden, you should give it a try. You never know when you will get addicted to it.

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